Weight loss after birth


Weightloss-banner-call-to-action-23-3There will be a lot of things on your mind after your delivery. What if she cries, when to feed her, how to re organise your daily routine and how to lose the weight gained during your pregnancy. If you started your pregnancy with normal weight and gained between 25 to 35 pounds during your pregnancy, you should be able to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight in a couple of months if you workout and watch what you eat. If you were overweight when you got pregnant and gained more weight than your doctor advised, you may take you up to a year to get the baby weight off. It is important to get the weight off because this baby weight is connected to obesity 15 to 20 years later.

Furthermore, albeit each new mother is anxious to appear as though her old self once more, a standout amongst the most vital things to recollect is to be gentle with yourself. Your most loved celebrity may have gone straight to her pre pregnancy jeans from the delivery room, however she might not have done it in a manner that was beneficial for her body.

In light of that, here are a few tips to assist you with getting in shape after pregnancy and fit once again into your old pants – whatever their size.

Consider Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Various substances added into weight loss supplements are not approved for women who are pregnant or nursing. Natural weight loss food that will limit your craving or impact your hunger is a good option. Not all will work well for you but it is worth a try.  

  • Taking lime and nectar in water two or three times each day is a characteristic weight reduction remedy.
  • Drink twice daily some tea produced using Indian plum leaves which has fat smoldering properties
  • Low in calories and high in fibre cabbage dish once in 2 days is good for weight loss.
  • Crunch on negative calorie sustenances like cucumbers, celery, and tomatoes.
  • Acai berry juice consume twice a day can be a compelling weight loss remedy.
  • Attempt some apple cider vinegar in high temp water a few times each day to lessen fat.
  • Green tea has fabulous properties that assist in weight reduction. Drink it two to three times during the day.

Rethink Your Whole Eating Philosophy

You may have felt as though you could eat anything and get away with it when you were pregnant. After your infant is born you will need to change this attitude. Take on a couple of new guidelines that were absent from your eating regimen before your pregnancy. Each of these systems will reduce your hunger and enhance your metabolic rate, thus assisting in your objective on losing weight after baby.

  • Protein lessens hunger and good sources of protein are poultry, lean meat cuts, beans and fish.
  • Fiber fills you up without adding excess of calories so include fiber in your meals
  • Not to skip breakfast as it is the most valuable meal of your eating arrangement.
  • Consume nuts as nuts reduce your hunger because nuts take longer to digest.
  • Spread your calories evenly around the clock by spacing your meals.
  • Lots of low-fat dairy products, whole grains and vegetables are also good.

Smaller portions

It is as important to know how much you eat as well as what you eat. Many eateries serve meals that are larger than the amount that you should eat. Check out an online tool from the U.S Department of Agriculture at www.choosemyplate.gov It assist you to plan healthy meals base on your height, weight, age and physical activities. For breastfeeding moms there is also a section on healthy eating.

Healthy cooking method

Avoid frying food as it add additional undesirable fats to your food. Go for broiling, boiling, steaming or baking. Try reducing calories when you cook. Make low-calorie substitutions or try cutting down on the amounts of butter, cream and sugar.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water fills you up and increases your metabolism. It prevent you from getting dehydrated. To know whether you have drink enough water, check the color of your urine. It should be clear and you should be going to the washroom every 3 to 4 hours.

If possible, Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is good to both the mother and the baby. It provides great food to your baby. Additionally breastfeeding is good for the general wellbeing of the mother and helps in faster weight loss. Some mothers fear breastfeeding make them consume more food which is counterproductive in weight reduction. This is wrong as you use up much more calories in the production of breast milk. You will return to your original weight sooner than expected if your baby is breastfed solely for at least 6 months as suggested by World Health Organisation (WHO)

Get enough sleep

Inadequate sleep and stress are two obstacles in weight loss after giving birth. With the arrival of your little one, some stress will be unavoidable but learn to manage it. You should not allowed it to affect you more than it should as stress will lead to weight gain. Get enough sleep and manage stress well, your body will have the opportunity to boost metabolism and weight loss will follow.


Exercises and workouts are as important and should not be overlooked. For better outcome and results, you should include both strength and aerobic exercises to healthy diets in weight loss management after giving birth. You do not need to include troublesome, tedious, tiresome labour intensive workouts. Just walk or jog around your neighborhood for about 20 minutes a day, three days a week will be good. Remember to check with your doctor first before you start to exercise.

Support from partner

Getting your partner involved would be great as you will need support from him to lose your baby weight. Eat healthily together and get rid of unhealthy items in your home. Instead of watching TV at night, consider going out for walks. It would be easier to lose the baby weight working as a team.